For me the best thing about photography and cinematography is the moment when I upload fresh material on my hard drive and get to work on it.

I completely lose track of time.

The camera can be a tool to capture moments that otherwise pass us by secretly. With photography one can create illusions, point out something meaningful or tell a story that people have never heard before. Photography can also be simply art.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Cinematography and Editing. Besides studying I have been working in the field of marketing.

I have a background in fine arts and theatre and I am passionate about storytelling, writing, filming, directing and combining different creative areas together.

When I am not writing or working with numbers, I am working with my camera. I also love to work on my own projects and to cooperate with other people – such as artists, actors, musicians and photographers.

What defines my work is my own way of doing photo- and cinematography. It is not just work for me. I also enjoy shooting, and I truly get inspired by the people I shoot for. I don’t want to be counting hours, I rather want to make everything look good and have fun while doing it.

—Helena Eslon—